Wairere Drive Retaining

Piling Solutions & Contractors Ltd was employed by a Nationwide roading company to install approx. 450 poles for retaining. This was a high profile job that had to be completed to the highest standards. Piling Solutions supplied top quality poles for the works and put the large civil machinery into the job to complete. We used our 13 tonne excavator with the drill unit to pre drill the holes then brought in the large 1 tonne hammer on our 20tonne excavator to install the poles to the right depth. 

Victoria Road House Piling

Piling Solutions & Contractors Ltd were contracted to complete the piles for a timber floor foundation. This floor consisted of 126 piles from 3.6m to 6.0m in length. The time frame was tight for the builder so we put 2 x residential piling machines in there to work.

Temple Presidents house

Piling Solutions & Contractors Ltd was chosen for this job as it needed to be completed to a high standard. We completed the works off plans draw by a landscape architect. In total there was 110m worth or retaining around the section. We came in, levelled the site to correct heights, supplied the materials, installed the wall and backfilled around the house.